Response to an Angry Letter to Mr Sandman

from by Zac HB

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Here goes another one...
Sorry I was something, ummm...
That you didn't really wanna slumber underneath anymore,
Girly shut the door.

Was that really necessurry?
Must have been in a hurry, girl,
Or a little bit thirsty for, uhh,
Something a world away from what I had in store.
I guess she got bored, shit,
But I was more than another man!

But I didn't have the upper hand.
So I took a tumble, damn,
But now I'm on that "rubberband"
Snap back!
She forgot about a hundred grand,
Left it in the bank.
Get it?
See, that's a metaphor...
Like, she forgot about how much I'm worth, and missed out on bringing any with her.

Yeah, lets be honest, you should know what you be missing, and,
You'll never get a chance again to feel what I do with my other hand!
You KNOW I deliver with the mattress like I was Slumberland!
You're lucky I'm too good a man to get with any of your friends.


I'm just kidding. I'm not even about to fuck around like that tho. No, but seriously, you suck. No I'm not even playing, you suck. I'm not about to go off calling you a bitch & some shit like that... It's not even like that. You just suck.

La, la la, la la, la, la.
You dun fucked up a lot, girl.
Can't you see, my love.
That you left some shit behind that you shouldn't have, you suck.

You suck, I'm not gonna front like you dont,
but for the sake of my imagination,
I'm just gonna hope that you don't do that as much as you used to doe.
Cause damn, you got some skills that don't just accidentally grow.
My libido is my first name,
and it's D-O-M-E charged...
but I'm not gonna pretend I'm satisfied unless YOU are.
I do more
than the average motherfucker with a clitoris in front of his face,
And I swear to god I really do enjoy the taste.

But damn, that's the thing about this that's really a shame.
I'm not saying I'm a one and only, but a lot of Joes are gonna feel really plain.
So shit, that's just one of the things you'll never again get,
And all because you had to take life too serious.

Here he is, the dream, standing right in front of you,
And clean, fresh, and new.
'Cause it was you of all people that the Sandman decided to deliver me to,
(And I'm not being arrogant when I say there are things that I was made to do).


So think about that,
'Cause the only reason good times don't last is that some fool thought the present was the past!
Blast my music and let it take you back to doin' it...
And I wanna do that to, you if you cut a record send me that shit!

Sorry baby but I've never been broken this bad.

Wish you hadn't done that in a way that was so drastic.

Still don't even really know what happened.

But I know you never again should deserve to have this.

'Cause that shit you did after you left me was some whack shit.

Go fuck with the world for a minute, you need some practice.


from Response to an Angry Letter to Mr Sandman - Single, track released February 14, 2012
Lyrics by Zac HB
Beat by "Atlas" Tony Williams.
Recorded by Zac HB at Hefty Bonaza studio.
Mixed and mastered by Wesley Opus.



all rights reserved